Co.Society Company

We live and breathe hybrid work.

As a cross-regional team with hubs around the globe, we understand what it takes to succeed and help every team member feel like a part of something bigger, working together toward common goals.

What We Do

We help companies maximize employee engagement, brand experience, networking, employee training, recruitment, onboarding, and marketing activities across office locations, departments, regions, and time zones. Both our clients and ourselves firmly believe that the virtual office will not only replace the intranet but become the primary office location.

A bold ambition that required us to develop something never done before – integrating the world’s leading corporate tools into a realistic, 3D virtual space built in the world’s most advanced game engine.

Our Team

We are a team of 38 experts and leaders, spread out across the world. With our global presence, we’re connected to diverse insights and ideas, helping us create solutions that are both universally relevant and locally effective.

Meet our management team below.


Philip Wetterhorn

15+ years of experience as a creative lead and strategist in brand experience, brand strategy, product innovation and employee engagement.


Patrick Wheeler

Serial Entrepreneur, CTO / CEO / CPO. Deep experience in VR / AR / XR, 3D, AI & gaming (50+ titles launched). Built a gaming platform for 60 million users. 26 years industry experience.


Mattias Trotzig

Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building and leading brand experience. Founder of Occasion.


Lovisa Agardh

20+ years of global management experience in telecom, brand experience, and film production.

Art & Environmental Design Manager

Aga Staniek

10 years of experience in 3D Art & Environment Design and a masters degree in Interior Architecture.


Fia Nordin

20+ years of experience in enterprise sales and management from brand experience, corporate events, employee engagement, and virtual communication.

Product Design Lead

Armin Jamak

Product Designer with 10 years of experience working with startups and 3 years of experience managing design teams.

We’re a Values-First Kind of Company

Ahead of the Curve

We thrive on being at the forefront of innovation, continuously shaping the future of our industry. To stay ahead of the competition, we make innovation our main priority. We’re pioneers in our field, introducing groundbreaking products that redefine possibilities. We dream big, test smart, learn fast from hiccups, and keep pushing forward with unwavering determination.

Above and Beyond

Our users are our foundation. Going beyond expectations is not just a goal; it’s our guiding principle. We are committed to providing our clients with an experience that exceeds their anticipations, ensuring that every interaction and every feature is characterized by excellence.

Professional Always

We believe that professionalism is more than just a demeanor – it’s a commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work. From our interactions with clients and partners to the development of our innovative solutions, professionalism guides our actions. Upholding this value enables us to build trusted relationships, deliver exceptional results, and maintain a reputation of reliability and excellence in the industry.