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Experience the future of work with Co.Society’s flexible and affordable pricing plans.

Access to the Co.Society realistic virtual office platform

3D spatial sound, proximity based voice chat, private conversation zones, broadcasting

Webcam sharing, interactive screen sharing, customizable office, dedicated meeting rooms, virtual tablet

MS Teams chat integration, MS Outlook calendar integration, user analytics dashboard, enterprise-grade security & authentication

Realistic, customizable avatars, emojis and lifelike gestures

See it in action

Get a glimpse of our hyper-realistic virtual office and experience its immersive features firsthand.

Our virtual office platform can transform the way you work and engage with your colleagues. Our 3D virtual office is designed to provide a seamless experience, allowing you to collaborate and communicate with ease, no matter where you are located.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a virtual office increase employee engagement?

A virtual office can increase employee engagement by providing a collaborative and immersive space that mimics a physical office, even if employees are working remotely.

How can you strengthen company culture and brand in a virtual office?

By entering into your own branded office everyday your employees can truly live the brand while having spontaneous conversations live with colleagues across the globe with ease.

How can leaders in our organization enhance leading from a distance in the virtual office? 

By being more accessible and visible to all employees, leaders can embrace global impact by leading from anywhere, anytime.

Can a virtual office improve retention of talent? 

By offering a virtual workspace that aligns with modern work preferences, employees find greater work-life balance and flexibility, making your organization a preferred place to build a long and fulfilling career.

Maximizing employee engagement and brand experience is just around the corner

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